The Voice Over Challenge

In May 2023, FilmTT launched the exciting challenge that required participants to submit a voice recording of the FilmTT Locations AD script. Over fifty (50) submissions were received, a few of them originating from Indonesia and Nigeria. The Challenge assisted in promoting the development of local voice acting talent while enhancing the reputation of the local creative industry. It also contributed to the strategic pillar of advertising Trinidad and Tobago as a film-friendly destination and having a strong workforce of voice actors

FilmTT is thrilled to announce that the winner for its Voice Over Challenge is Levee Rodriguez, an actor, voice actor, playwright and teacher. As the winner, Mr. Rodriguez will receive a cash prize of TT$3000.00 and the opportunity for a one-on-one session with acclaimed voice coach Oluwaseun Shobo.

Meet the Winners

Winner: Levee Rodriguez

An actor, voice actor, playwright and teacher.

Second: Shevonne Tricia Metivier

A multidisciplinary creative based in Trinidad. Shevonne is no stranger to voice work as she is also a drive-time morning show host at one of T&T’s newest radio stations, LIT102.3fm.

Third (tie): Tsarrio Millard

A seasoned marketing and advertising professional.

Third (tie): Willie Singh

An aspiring voice actor.

Meet the Judges

Quincy Ross

Introducing Quincy Ross, a highly esteemed Creative Director who has made a significant impact in the industry. With an impressive collection of accolades including multiple ADDY, AAATT, and Anime Caribe awards, Quincy’s talent and expertise have garnered widespread recognition and respect.

With an extensive 26 years of experience in the creative industry, Quincy brings a wealth of knowledge and a seasoned perspective to every project undertaken. He possesses a remarkable skill set in crafting compelling digital content, executing impactful traditional media campaigns, and orchestrating strategic brand campaigns with precision and creativity. Quincy’s expertise also extends to brand migration campaigns, ensuring a seamless and successful transition while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Notably, Quincy is a distinguished member of the National Registry of Artists & Cultural Workers, reflecting their deep commitment and passion for the arts and cultural landscape. This affiliation showcases Quincy’s dedication to fostering creativity and contributing to the vibrant artistic community.

Aisha Manrique

Aisha is a local, regional, and international voice over talent and coach with a passion to sensitize the voice over craft in T&T. Aisha has voiced various projects for leading brands and she is a strong advocate for the craft sharing that the voiceover industry has tremendous potential in T&T but is still in its nascent stage when compared to the international stages. As such, she is on a mission to help budding voice talents grow and understand the industry. Additionally, by promoting the challenge through social media and collaborations with local organizations that support voice actors, FilmTT will help to promote Trinidad and Tobago as a film-friendly destination for future productions.

International Coach

Oluwaseun Shobo

Fondly called the BrandMASTER, Shobo is a sought-after brand consultant, premium voice over talent and an inspirational speaker. Shobo is a professional member of the World Voices Organization (WOVO) USA and also the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), USA where he sits on the board as the first African and Nigerian board Director. Shobo’s projects have attracted global attention which includes a host of local and international media houses. Shobo, an award-winning creative is the recipient of the prestigious SOVAS Voice Arts Global Influencer Award which he received in December 2022.  He has also earned numerous awards and accolades from various platforms and higher institutions across Nigeria due to the wealth of experience he has garnered in both the Marketing Communications and Voice Over industry.