FilmTT announced the launch of the second edition of the Script to Screen Programme: On Set on May 10th, 2022. On Set is a 5-month production incubator to create a 5-episode (22 mins) television series in collaboration with TTT Limited and exporTT. The production incubator begins with an open call for the Writers’ Room.

The Writers’ Room is a one-month on-the-job training for writers to familiarize themselves with the TV sitcom/studio format, which included training/mentorship.  Five writers were shortlisted to participate in the Writers’ Room.

FilmTT held a 2-day retreat that included capacity development and networking engagements and ended with the Showrunner Pitch. The retreat and pitch were part of the Writers’ Room phase of the On Set. Of the 5 pitches, one was selected to be made into a sitcom by a panel of judges led by TTT Limited. The Writers’ Room will comprise of all 5 writers who will rewrite the script under the guidance of the Executive Producers and the winning Showrunner, Richard Ragoobarsingh. 

On Set Showrunner: Richard Ragoobarsingh
Left to Right: Kwame Weekes, Penelope Spencer, Kevin Soyer, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Alexander Johnson

The Judges’ panel consisted of Television Programming Manager, TTT Limited, Diane Robertson; Production & Operations Manager, TTT Limited, Shamelia Thomas-Ashby; TV Producer, TTT Limited, Cherise Gibson; CEO, EximBank, Navin Dookeran; and Business & Country Advisor, exporTT, Deborah Hoyte.

Left to Right: Deborah Hoyte, Cherise Gibson, Navin Dookeran, Shamelia Thomas-Ashby and Diane Robertson.

Writers’ Retreat Recap

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