On Set: A Script to Screen Production

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is On Set?

On Set is the production phase of the Script to Screen Programme, which features a production incubator hosted by FilmTT from May – September, 2022. The incubator is open to local screenwriters from Trinidad and Tobago with content that can be developed into a 5 episode in-studio television series. This programme is presented in collaboration with TTT Limited and exporTT.

When is the submission date?

From March 10- March 25th, 2022 screenwriters from Trinidad and Tobago (citizen/legal resident) are welcome to submit a television series concept via the FilmTT website. One concept will be selected for script development and production.

Can I submit more than one concept?

No. You can only submit one series concept.

What genre will be accepted?

The capacity development programme is focusing on a sitcom based format on a set with characters who carry over from  each episode. E.g. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Golden Girls, Lord Have Mercy!, Henry Danger, Girlfriends

What is the length of each episode?

Each episode should be 22 minutes

What should I submit to On Set?

Television content that celebrates life in Trinidad and Tobago featuring its unique culture and diversity. Stories must be family friendly (PG 13) and formatted to the Screenplay Format for TV Series.

Will the entire series be filmed in a studio?

Yes. The entire series will be filmed in a studio, and designed for an interior storyline. A set[s] will be constructed to fit the concept. E.g. The Cosby Show, The Big Bang Theory, Friends or Girlfriends, Henry Danger

Should the story be based around a specific set?

Due to the nature of the programme, your story should have a maximum of three sets that can be constructed/designed for an interior setting. For example; Office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant.

Is there a maximum number of characters I can write?

Yes. Six (6) characters inclusive of three (3) main characters, two (2) supporting characters and one (1) featured character. i.e Main characters appear in every episode.

Who is eligible for On Set?

To be eligible for this incubator:

  • You must be over the age of 18 years.
  • You must be a citizen/legal resident of Trinidad and Tobago
  • You must be registered on FilmTT’s Production Directory
  • You must have a story concept developed within the last two [2] years that can resonate with a current audience.
  • Stories currently in production (ongoing or delayed) are NOT eligible for this incubator.
  • You CANNOT be an employee of Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) CreativeTT or its subsidiaries (MusicTT, FilmTT, FashionTT), exporTT or TTT Limited.

What if I don’t have actual experience, can I still participate?

Yes. You can still submit if you have never created content. However, you should have basic experience writing scripts and be familiar with script formatting.

What if I have never written a script for television but I have written plays, can I still participate?


How do you participate in On Set?

Submit your interest for the Writers’ Room on the FilmTT Website and upload a 22 page pilot episode and  a one-page treatment (logline and summary of each episode) for your comedy television series by March 25th, 2022.

Who will be selected for On Set?

Five [5] writers will be shortlisted to participate On Set. The five writers will then participate in a two day writers retreat to finesse and pitch their story to a panel of industry experts. One story will be selected and that writer will be the showrunner for the series. The four [4] runnerup writers will then spend two weeks in a writersroom developing the five episodes with the showrunner and industry consultants.

Will I be credited if I write an episode for the series?

Yes. Just like a writersroom, each writer will be credited if they contribute to any of the scripts. However, the showrunner will be credited as the creator of the series.

How will I be credited for my writing?

Once you contribute significantly to the  script, your name will appear  during the opening and closing credits of the episode. The series will also have an IMDb page and you will  be credited  as a writer/co writer on the series.

What is my role as the Showrunner?

As the showrunner, you are responsible for the series bible and character development. However, you will be supported by industry professionals and consultants. You will work alongside the production crew and be involved from pre production to post production.

Will production for On Set take place in Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes. This production will occur in-studio in Trinidad and Tobago.

If I am a citizen, but live overseas can I participate in On Set?

If you are a citizen you can participate. However, this programme will not cover any relocation costs or any costs associated with relocation for the selected participants who live overseas. Participants must have a local bank account.

What is my role once my pitch is selected for development?

Once your pitch is selected for development you will become the Showrunner of the 5 episode series. You will be working with a production team (Executive Producers, Line Producer, Director, Cast, Crew and Consultants).

Who will I pitch my story to?

You will pitch your story to the Executive Producers, a panel of industry professionals and a randomly selected  focus group.

Will I get paid as a writer for the series chosen for development?

Although it is a Capacity Development Programme, you will be paid a one time  stipend (TTD) as a writer for the chosen series.

Will I get paid as a Showrunner once my series is selected for development?

You will be paid a monthly stipend (TTD) for the duration of the incubator.

Where will the series be broadcast?

The series will premiere on TTT Live Online/TTT and then showcase on other distribution platforms.

Will the Showrunner have any copyright claims to television series?

The copyright belongs to the writer/showrunner (characters, story, ideas, concept). The Showrunner of the series will be compensated and credited for their content (terms of agreement will be provided). FilmTT and its partners will only assist in the development of the television concept for a wider audience. FilmTT, TTT and  exporTT will NOT have any claims or rights to the television series.

I have additional questions, who do I contact?

You can email info@filmtt.gov.tt for more information on the programme.