The purpose of the Meet the Practitioner Series is to encourage information sharing within the industry and to have the knowledge from experienced, professional stakeholders passed around and shared among those who are very passionate about film and want the industry to continue to build and grow.

MTP Series 2

Our upcoming Meet the Practitioners series features filmmaker, writer, and arts development consultant Sonja Dumas.

She’s delivering two workshop sessions starting January 31st

Workshop 1 (January 31st)

Film Marketing Bootcamp ✅

Bring your best game to this workshop and create a campaign. Topics covered include: marketing basics; making choices about how you promote your film.

Workshop 2 (February 9)

Aesthetics and T&T Film ✅

Sonja will help define and guide your visual choices for your film!

You’re going to want front row access to this dynamic session!

On November 30th2022, FilmTT held the very first session of its Meet the Practitioner Series: Location Management. The practical workshop was unlike any other; it took place at the Cocorite Fishing Facility and incorporated the sights and sounds of everyday life which was part of the lesson on how to scout, pitch and manage a location.