Trade Mission Strengthens Ties Between T&T and Ghanaian Film Industries

FilmTT at Ghana Trade Mission

Port of Spain, April 5, 2024: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT) embarked on a transformative trade mission to Ghana, marking a significant step towards fostering collaboration and synergy between the Trinidad and Tobago film industry and its counterparts in Ghana. The Ghana Trade Mission, led by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, and organized by the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA), from 10th to 17th March 2024, marked a significant milestone in fostering international collaborations and advancing strategic objectives outlined in FilmTT’s plan.

In the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is the most important Caribbean exporter to Africa, accounting for 40% of Caribbean exports. Ghana, renowned for its rich cinematic heritage and burgeoning film industry, presents a fertile ground for collaboration with Trinidad and Tobago and is also a great opportunity for filmmakers to explore product placement via a content exchange. Ghana is not a total stranger to T&T films as ‘Hero: Inspired by the Extraordinary Life of Mr Ulric Cross’ was also filmed partly in Ghana. The trade mission served as a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative projects that sought to harness the unique strengths of both nations to drive both film industries forward.

FilmTT met with representatives from Media General, the National Film Authority and Farmhouse Productions, to name a few. Engagements with these key stakeholders in Ghana contributed to the strategic positioning of Trinidad and Tobago within the global film landscape, strengthening the nation’s reputation as a hub for creative excellence and innovation. FilmTT hopes that the establishment of formal partnerships, co-productions, content exchange, and capacity development initiatives will be facilitated and contribute to increased visibility and market presence for Trinidad and Tobago’s film industry in Ghana and the wider international arena.

Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, General Manager of FilmTT, emphasized the strategic importance of fostering international collaborations. “Our trade mission to Ghana is not just about forging partnerships; it’s about exploring market opportunities and advancing the goals outlined in FilmTT’s strategic plan,” stated Wills-Caton. “Through dialogue, cooperation, and shared vision, we aspire to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that empowers film professionals and nurtures talent.”

FilmTT remains committed to advancing the interests of Trinidad and Tobago’s film sector by forging strategic alliances and fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity within the industry.

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