FilmTT and IFA Announces Call for Applications for IFA Masterclass 2024 in Italy


Port of Spain, February 8, 2024: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT), in collaboration with the International Filmmaking Academy (IFA), is excited to announce the opening of applications for the prestigious IFA Masterclass 2024. This call is for intermediate to advanced directors and content creators with experience to participate in the IFA Masterclass in Film Directing in Bologna, Italy. The IFA organizes the IFA Masterclass in Film Directing by gathering a select group of emerging film directors from across the globe to develop filmmakers’ distinctive artistic approaches to filmmaking. Through this strategic move of sponsoring a distinguished local professional with this prestigious international film opportunity, FilmTT will align with its mission to cultivate and promote indigenous talent on the global stage.

This unique opportunity presents a pathway for an exceptional filmmaker to engage in capacity development through:

  • IFA Masterclass: An immersive capacity-building experience in Film Directing, led by a seasoned industry professional, offering comprehensive insights and skill refinement.
  • Accommodation in Italy: The chosen filmmaker will have the opportunity to reside in Italy, a globally renowned cinematic and culturally rich setting, fostering an environment conducive to creative exploration and skill enhancement.
  • Participation at the Il Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival: The selected filmmaker will actively participate in this festival, gaining exposure to a diverse selection of classic films, rediscovering cinematic treasures, and fostering connections within a global community of filmmakers, critics, and enthusiasts, thereby contributing to their professional growth and network development.

The IFA Masterclass 2024 is meticulously crafted to serve as a catalyst for capacity development, providing the selected filmmaker with a distinctive amalgamation of educational enrichment, cultural immersion, and strategic industry networking.

Application Details:

Eligibility: Open to filmmakers and content creators who have a substantive portfolio of audio-visual projects.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, February 15 2024

Application Process: Interested applicants can submit their applications through the FilmTT website,

FilmTT and IFA are committed to fostering talent and creating opportunities for film professionals to thrive on the international stage.  The IFA Masterclass 2024 is a testament to this commitment, providing a platform for creative minds to learn, collaborate, and showcase their talents to an international audience. By fostering this opportunity, FilmTT is aligning with its mission to facilitate export and business exchange within the dynamic landscape of the global film industry.

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