Lisa Wickham

  • Received $30,000.00 under the Film Content Creation and Marketing Fund
  • Feature Film: “Trinidad Remains”

Trinidad Remains – Project Write Up

British-born NIKKI HASTINGS has traveled to the island of Trinidad, ostensibly just to “do her duty” and scatter Granny Phyllis’ ashes in the remote fishing village of Matelot. She didn’t know her grandmother and is at a loss as to why she’s been asked to carry out this task. And what’s so special about this backwater place on the north coast? The uptight Nikki is at the mercy of her freewheeling cousin JADE and her unreliable old car, Goldie. Nikki feels like a fish out of water in this unpredictable and strange new world and wonders why she bothered coming at all. She just wants to get back to the UK as quickly as possible but, much to her annoyance, the wayward Jade keeps making unplanned stops. The journey is further jeopardised when Jade accidentally knocks down and kills a fighting cock and the two women suddenly find themselves threatened by a crazy ROOSTER MAN. This fraught and bizarre encounter ends up shifting Nikki’s perspective, dislodging something buried deep inside, and she finally understands the true nature of her trip. Could the Moko Jumbie have something to do with it?