Garvin Luke

Garvin Luke – $1,500 (Marketing)

Short Film Showcase

– Event was on July 1st 2023

– Key Leads for project Gavin Luke, Errol Singh and Kevin Bhal

– Funds were used to cover part payment screening 5 short films at Cinema 8. 

– FilmTT’s advert was shown twice during showcase.

Project Milestones 

  1. Promoted and empowered short film creators by featuring their productions.
  2. Established a model for Trinidad and Tobago filmmakers to facilitate the exposure of their projects to the public.
  3. Initiated the development of a private sector support network, enabling filmmakers to advertise their work within a local film showcase framework.
  4. Fostered a degree of self-reliance within the filmmaking community.
  5. Offered a platform for overlooked short films, and provided them with an opportunity to gain exposure.
  6. Overall, this project has inspired filmmakers to take greater ownership of their work in terms of revenue generation.
  7. Currently preparing for a second showcase in South Trinidad, featuring new short films and additional filmmakers, with more events planned for 2024.


Link to Showcase Press Release: A BETTER LIFE : ISSUE 53