Keziah Lendor

Keziah Lendor

Fashion Director • Fashion Stylist • Freelance Writer


Classed as a bonafide island ‘It Girl’, Keziah Lendor is a Trinidadian-born Fashion Stylist and Writer who is gracefully budding into a self-made entrepreneur and filmmaker. She is the lead Wardrobe Stylist and Creative Director at Kez Styles, a self-founded fashion company, and has recently begun her debut in film. Her introduction into the film world through fashion paved the way for her dynamism as Kez has been featured by some of the world’s most sought-after publications for her style and fashion such as British Vogue, and more. She currently styles International Caribbean artists such as Machel Montano, Destra Garcia, and Nadia Batson and does wardrobe for Tv commercials and film productions. Kez is also a writer which made this unusual but still so fitting entrance into the film world as a writer/director/producer almost inevitable.

About KEZ Styles Series:

This is a series about fashion styling in the Caribbean through the eyes of the Island stylist and ‘It Girl’ Keziah Lendor. It is about showing the everyday person how to take their wardrobe to the next level, while highlighting and educating audiences on the beauty of Caribbean and more specifically Trinbagonian fashion overall. This series taps into the business and products of local fashion designers and retail stores to highlight all their quality work while simultaneously, highlighting our beautiful landscape, our cultural depth and some of our history as it presents TrinBago as the home of some of the world’s most unique fashion creatives. It will also feature the likes of Hema Ramkissoon and Vaughnette Bigford as guests on the show.

How did you get into the film industry – schooling, internships, etc.?

Well, truth be told by profession I’m a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. Film was something I was always exposed to because I’m always on set for a film, TV commercial, or video shoot. I entered the film world solely through my experiences and knowledge gained from professionals in the business, so many of whom I look up to. I do also have an academic background in Theatre Arts which helps.

What are you hoping to achieve with this series – who do you want it to reach, messaging, audience?

I would love for the KEZ Styles Series which was also in part titled after my company to become a staple watch in every home. I’d love for this series to be a ‘go-to’ must-watch for adults at home because it teaches some great fundamentals about styling your everyday wardrobe in great new ways.

Do you have plans for distribution? 

Absolutely, I started this series with a definite distribution goal in mind. I want this series to be a regional commodity. As a seasoned Caribbean stylist and new film entrepreneur, I’ve set my sights and ambitions high. As for the channels for this distribution, I’m leaving my options open and premiering it on YouTube first which most new successful up comers have done.

Do you have any other works in the pipeline?

Yes, definitely and I am so excited about it, it’s going to still have its roots in fashion but I’m exploring a much bigger concept and bigger channels also. I know my potential with this is limitless.

How was the filming process – any memorable moments?

Filming was great, I love clothes, I love styling and it’s been exciting being the writer, producer, and director of my show. Shooting was not without its challenges though. I shot it during the pandemic during the heights of major lockdowns and when things were on a roller coaster. Some days we could film and other days, even months we could not because of the always-changing restrictions. So that part was extremely tough. What has been memorable is the entire journey to the actual premiere, it has been very teaching. I am learning so much more about what it takes to have something come off the ground and the journey has given me a greater respect for filmmakers as a whole. 


What advice do you have for any aspiring filmmakers/content creators – schooling, business, etc.?

If you can see it in your mind, you can achieve it in your reality. Good business acumen and a clear vision of where you want to be will go an extremely long way. I didn’t go to film school but neither did Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, and Ava DuVerney.

What is it like being a woman in the film industry – any advice for other women in the industry?

It’s new! I didn’t start here, you know, but it feels great to enter this arena in a non-generic way. A Wardrobe Stylist adding filmmaker to her portfolio makes for a heck of a story. My advice to women in any industry is that you are enough and you are capable of fulfilling your wildest dreams always. For too long women have been put into a box of what they can or can’t do “as a woman”. We aren’t placemats, we are a prime reason why human life exists. Our value should never be conditional and should be EQUAL.

What was your costuming inspiration?

My inspiration for costuming in this series and also styling this series was my ‘Caribbeaness’. The goal was to keep things fun, relatable, and attainable for all. I used a lot of colours, prints, and fun textures to make my personality in this series resonate with the audience. I am the host of the series too so it was important. Colour was intentional because I felt like the pandemic has had us all so glum and grim and this series is meant to be a light amid the haze of today. In TrinBago this vibe was even more important because so many people have been experiencing sadness and withdrawals from not being able to experience some of the country’s most colourful events like Carnival etc.

What would you say is the most valuable below-the-line operation needed for any film?

I can’t say that I know what those are for me yet until I’ve worked on a few more film projects. This being my debut into the film scene, means there’s a lot I’m learning and figuring out, so I can’t say for certain there’s one below-the-line operation that’s more valuable than the other just yet. However, I do want to say how important people are for any project or operation to work. I could not make this series happen if it were not for the people who made it possible with me. My team is amazing. I’m an industrious person for sure but I didn’t have the biggest budget for this and the finances were all my own and that was challenging. However, what I did have were talented and amazing people who saw my vision, believed in it, and were willing to work with me on what they believed was a project with a lot of promise.

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