Kasi Foster

Sound Mixer/Recordist
IG @kasifoster25

What is the role of a boom operator?

The role of the boom operator is to assist the sound mixer to achieve the truest form of sound recording. Whether it be dialogue or ambient sound.

When do you start to work on a production?

A boom operator ideally should start in pre-production. Going to rehearsals and reading the script to be prepared and synchronized with the actors.

What equipment does a boom operator work with, and how important is their job on a daily basis?

Equipment for boom operating is the boom pole, shotgun mic, sound mixer and headphones.

How do block rehearsals impact your job as a boom operator?

Blocking rehearsals is vital for boom operators. It gives us a feel for the action and the different movements actors make during a particular scene. Moves that will be crucial to get the best sound possible.

What qualifications do you need to become a boom operator, and where can you gain the best firsthand experience?

Experience is the best form of qualification for me. I was thought the basics of boom operating but only through the years I have developed my own techniques that suit me.

How do you set up your boom equipment whilst being mindful of not being in the way or casting shadows?

The general principle in boom operating is being on the opposite side of the main source of light.

What advice do you have for persons wanting to be a boom operator?

The best advice I can give is that it’s not as easy as it looks…. lol. It’s a highly technical and skillful job and with all the people I’ve taught throughout the years, had a better appreciation for the job by the end of the day.