FilmTT’s Film Production Tools

On 5th February 2019, The Ministry of Trade and Industry, along with the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT), hosted an exclusive press conference to launch a series of tools to improve the film production process in Trinidad and Tobago: Moviesite, Production Directory, Production Guide, Locations Database, and an updated website.

The following was delivered by FilmTT’s General Manager, Nneka Luke:

On behalf of FilmTT, our parent company CreativeTT, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, we are excited to welcome you this morning to the launch of FilmTT’s Production Tools, a move that we believe contributes to the development of valuable infrastructure that serves the Trinidad and Tobago Film Industry, and increases the “film friendliness” of T&T for all producers.

As you would be aware, FilmTT’s mandate since its founding in 2006 has been to facilitate the growth and development of the film and audiovisual sector in Trinidad & Tobago, to provide Film Commission services to local and incoming productions, and to promote the country as an exciting and attractive location.

The Strategic Plan for the industry that was developed and approved in 2018 has been guiding all of our projects and activities in the last year, prioritised for greatest impact in recognition of the financial constraints that have affected the country in recent times; and Chairman will speak further to the company’s strategic direction.

So, getting straight into why we are here today.

With the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT) is launching a series of tools to improve some aspects of the film production process in Trinidad and Tobago: an updated Production Directory, a new Production Guide, and a new Locations Database. These valuable tools are available to both local and international producers and can aid in decision making for upcoming productions, and I will go into a bit more detail on each tool.

The Production Directory and Locations Database will be housed on FilmTT’s new web-based film commission software, called MovieSite, an industry-standard service used by film commissions all over the world.

Finally, FilmTT’s website has been updated to reflect not only our new brand direction but to also be an easy entry point to finding the tools.

So I’ll start with MovieSite. As I mentioned, this is a web-based platform that has become FilmTT’s primary operating system. It vastly improves FilmTT’s ability to track productions, build and manage databases of contacts and stakeholders for improved communication, and improves the accuracy of data gathering and reporting on the number, type and economic value of local and incoming productions.

  • The entire staff of FilmTT has been trained in this system. We are building a database of different types of contacts: stakeholders, our network, and our partners. The contents of the Production Directory are also managed here.
  • Under Projects/Enquiries, this is where we track incoming enquiries for producers interested in shooting in T&T, as well as create Projects when those enquiries turn into confirmations.
  • The Locations tab houses all the information for our powerful Locations Database, and I will demo that shortly.
  • We can also generate reports, track production dates using the Calendar feature, develop web brochures for potential clients, and do live demos for persons sitting anywhere in the world.

We are continuing to work with the supplier to expand the powerful functionality of MovieSite to serve the T&T film industry: automating the processing of the Production Expenditure Rebate Programme, and developing a simple film permit system, and these projects will launch later this year.

A previous project of the film company, The Production Directory is an online searchable database that both local and international producers can use to find professional production services and non-creative suppliers for their next production.

FilmTT vets each entry through an approval process, ensuring that the professionals listed on the site are fully equipped to provide the listed services at high standards.

We are re-launching the Production Directory with approximately 68 entries, including:


• Post-Production • Interns


  • Art Directors
  • Assistant Directors • Wardrobe

    Under the section for Interns, the UWI Film Programme, UTT, SBCS and COSTAAT have been invited to have their final-year students sign up for the chance to work on production sets and to gain experience in learning the industry from the ground up.

    Production and service professionals with credits and experience working in the local film and AV industry are invited to sign up for inclusion on the Production Directory. FilmTT will have ongoing marketing and promotion encouraging professionals to sign up.

    New entries will be added regularly. Find the Production Directory here:

    FilmTT has also produced a Production Guide:

    1. The Production Guide is a new 30-page publication that features details on shooting in Trinidad and Tobago.
    2. The Guide will be distributed to potential clients via email as a PDF, can be accessed as an e-book on FilmTT’s website, and as printed copies at missions and promotional events.
    3. FilmTT’s Production Guide covers information such as the benefits of shooting in T&T, visas and permits, holidays to note in T&T, FilmTT’s services, and the details of the Production Expenditure Rebate Programme.

The online flipbook can be found under the Services section of FilmTT’s website:

Finally, we introduce FilmTT’s new Locations Database.

  1. This is an easily searchable online database of locations and festivals across Trinidad and Tobago, accessible by both local and international producers.
  2. This is the first of its kind for Trinidad and Tobago, and we are the first country in the Caribbean region to launch such a tool and to use the MovieSite platform.
  3. The service is easy to use. Simply sign in with your email address (or sign up if you are using it for the first time) and search for locations by category and by island. Some category examples:
    • Beaches
    • Landmarks
    • Public Parks
    • Tobago
    • Cultural
  4. We are launching the service with approximately 47 locations and festivals/observances, and new locations will be regularly added. Here I would like to acknowledge our Photography Partners, North Eleven and Maria Nunes Photography, for their enthusiasm and commitment to getting the site ready for launch.
  5. Apart from our stunning and diverse locations in both Trinidad and Tobago, FilmTT has chosen to highlight the country’s festivals and observances, as a unique selling point that differentiates us from the rest of the region. From Carnival to Divali to African religious festivals, this aspect of our culture can be of great interest to producers to shoot film, television or advertising.

Locations Database can be accessed here:

The Production Directory, Production Guide and Locations Database now form part of FilmTT’s stable of marketing materials to promote Trinidad and Tobago as a competitive location, targeting local and international producers, directors and location managers.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Boards of CreativeTT and FilmTT for their support and foresight, and to the hardworking team at FilmTT who worked with real commitment to complete this project at a high standard: Afya Greene, Josanne Hackshaw, and Regina Seabrun.