Producers Talk

Producers Talk is a forum for peers to gather and learn from each other’s experiences, in service of the overall progression of the film and audio-visual sector. The event features interactive conversations and networking opportunities among member of the local fimmaking community.

The inaugural installment of Producers Talk facilitated a conversation between FilmTT and the producers of the last three feature films in which the film company invested both grant and equity funds – Moving Parts (2018) by Emilie Upczak, Play the Devil (2016) by Maria Govan (represented by producer Abigail Hadeed), and The Cutlass (2016) by Darisha Beresford (represented by producer Teneille Newallo). Topics included: filming locations in Trinidad and Tobago beyond sand, sea and sun; navigating international film festivals through festival strategies; funding models for the film business, including sponsorships, in-kind support, brand integration and equity investment models; the importance of local content and the role of the broadcast industry and local cinemas with a regional reach; defining the pitch to potential investors and sponsors, and more.