Expert Advice from 4 Filmmakers

If you’re an experienced filmmaker or just getting started, then this article is for you! Extracting from a Huffington Post Entertainment UK article entitled 7 Habits of Successful Filmmakers: Tips to Know If You Want to Make It Big, we summarize the advice of four internationally renowned filmmakers who have adopted several habits and virtues that have catapulted them to the top echelons of their profession. 1. Be Industrious and Humble. We have all seen one or more of Martin Scorsese’s movies and they are great! He doesn’t proclaim to know everything! In fact he abides by his mantra ‘Never Stop Learning’. Scorsese is always looking for new ways to put creativity into a job that is routine for him and he believes that watching the work of his peers is important to maintaining his love and enthusiasm for his profession. 2. Be Strong and Perseverant. Who doesn’t Love Quentin Tarantino movies? This guy has learnt from his past experiences, both good and bad, and has put them to good use. This shows a great deal of fortitude and perseverance and Tarantino uses this to connect to his audience. 3. Be Daring and Look for Talent in Unexpected Places John Ford found talent in a prop assistant. Remember a guy by the name of John Wayne? Trust your gut instincts and have courage if you see talent and potential where others don’t! Take risks! John Wayne would certainly agree! 4. Be orderly and Constant For Elliot Groves, keeping organized and prioritizing is very important to achieving success. His advice is to set deadlines, set a goal with milestones in between and “Make sure that each day includes as much time an energy as possible to achieve the next step towards your larger goal”. Source: